How a nerd from high school landed in the spring garden of the academia?


Well, Unlike most of the children who cried on her first day of school, I was very much excited since seeing kids elder than me going to school. When the day came, I gave my parents the brightest smile and the journey of getting answers to my inquisitive questions that always have “why”s and finding solutions to my “I don’t know”s haven’t stopped ever since.


The little girl of two teachers, one being a poet taught me to play with words and the other inspired me to play with

the magic of colour. Apart from the two kindred souls who brought me up, I was heavily influenced by the community I lived in. With the vast influence of different kinds of fields, the academic background of my parents wanted me to take a safe choice, but the rebel in me took the opposite route and choose to play with computers, maths and circuits instead.

Adult (not so adult :P)

Eventually, I couldn't keep myself away from the idea of creating moments that speaks to the human truths and move them. As soon as I graduated from engineering school I never looked back and started my creative journey as a social media consultant. And after a successful run of around 3 years, I decide to choose the M.AD Creative journey to land here.

The one pager!

Some tea, only if you like some

- I can make more than 7 types of chai (it's NOT Chai-Tea)

- I get psyched over designing a deck, strange but true

- I speak 4 languages and understand 6

- My alter ego has lived a life of a food blogger

- Even when I am not in love, Taylor swift can make me curse over an Ex I never had.

- Despite the fact that I live in the home of a Phys. Ed Teacher, I never participated in a single sport till date

-One of those people who can sit at one place for an entire day