We are all living, breathing narratives, subplots of the larger tale being told. And let's see how the silent middle majority can become an active part of conversation through HUMANITY COIN that will be used as a mean of global advocacy by UNDP. Which is the largest UN agency with 6,000 projects across 170 countries. Leading the fight against climate change.

We know that the process of mining a crypto is infamous for wasting energy, thus a controversy in the environmentalist community. Yet, there are different systems for mining that are greener, such as: Solarcoin (SLR), Algorand (ALGO), BitGreen (BITG), etc.

A Sneak Peak of the Algorithm Behind Our Coin

How will Humanity Know about this?

Partners: Priscilla de la Cruz (CW), Beatriz, Lucia Baca (AD), Leyla Kamil (AD) and Vaths (Strategist)